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Local Republicans attack mail-in voting

From Pat Probst: This happened at the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC )work session on January 31, 2024. I'm not sure how this will appear in your email but the Republican request is part way into the meeting. The local Republican committee is asking the BOCC to allow an advisory question regarding in-person voting on the general election ballot.

The minutes of the meeting: 

Republican Central Committee - Ballot Request Regina Jackson, Richard Harrington, Brenda Toshik, Ms. Rogers and Linda Dill address the Board regarding voting. They asked the Board put an advisory question regarding in person voting on the general election ballot. The Board would like to discuss this with Counsel and consider costs. 

As many as possible should listen to the video so it can be discussed during the Tuesday 2/6 meeting.

01-31-24 BOCC Work Session

 Opinion from Rochelle Long, County Clerk: 

is it possible for a county to change the manner in which it votes from the rest of the state? No.

To change the way voting happens in Oregon requires a legislative change.

  1. By legislators, which would more than likely be put on the ballot by the legislators for the voters to decide. OR

  2. Follow the initiative petition process at the state level (this was the process used to first amend existing law to require vote by mail in biennial primary and general elections).


I am not sure what is meant by an "advisory question" but as I understand it the local republicans want Klamath county to end vote by mail and take up voting at polling places but at some point in the meeting they switched gears and requested that a question be placed on the upcoming ballot asking citizens to vote yes or no to form a committee to make this happen.   Could this possibly happen?

An advisory question is basically a survey. Klamath County has an Ordinance, Ordinance no. 43.00 (attached), which allows commissioner to put an advisory question on the ballot. It is not legally binding and DOES NOT change law.


Let me know if you have any follow up questions.


Warm Regards,


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