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Upcoming Activities

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You are cordially invited to attend!


4th of July!

The 4th of July parade was a lot of fun! Jean's blue pickup once more provided the ride for everyone--Jean drove, Chuck rode in the front and everyone else sat up in back and waved at the crowd. Here's a picture! Also, our truck made the inside pictures of the Herald and News, even though our banner was blocked by a roller skater.  A great time was had by all. 

4th of July truck.jpg
library protest II.jpg

Klamath County Library

The Klamath County Democrats continue to support the library and the needs of the community. The county commissioners, after one or two complaints, have forced the library to remove books and remove book clubs. We have participated in a protest in conjunctions with the DSA and other parties. We will continue to do so. 

Silent Demonstration for the Library! The group hosted a second rally for the library on Tuesday, July 25th at 11:30 am. Demonstrators met around noon and stood across the street, and later attended the county commissioners' meeting at 1 pm. Many of us had public comments about the library policies. The response was not heartening and the minutes showed the commissioners simply ignored what we had to say. 

Fall Fling 2023

We may have a Spring Fling fundraiser instead in 2024.  We may be able to get better quotes on both the food and on a venue if we delay it till then. We are also more likely to find speakers who are interested in appearing at it then. The point is to have enough money to help pay for a campaign office and to help candidates earlier in the year than we were able to do in 2020. 

We will consider a draft of a possible donation letter at the Tuesday meeting this week.

Again, we appreciate both Christina Pasillas and Pat Probst (though many others helped a great deal) for their work last year. 

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