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Upcoming Activities

This page lists our upcoming meetings and  any community activities that we will participate in/support and want you to know about. This page will be updated as activities are scheduled. Please let us know about any unlisted activities.

                                           May 2023
5/2/2023       Central Committee Meeting 6:30 P.M. (in person and on Zoom)

5/16/2023         Executive Committee Meeting 6:30 P.M. (Zoom only)
5/20/2023 - 5/21/2023
SCC meeting (State Central Committee) at LaGrande. 
Remember, Third Thursday begins in June. This is our booth from last year. 

Please contact us at for more information about any event and about the 
location for our meetings.


Fall Fling 2023

We plan to have another Fall Fling Fundraiser this year, since last year was so successful. Thanks again to Christina Pasillas for chairing the project, Pat Probst for selling so many tickets, and everyone else, including our wonderful speakers. We hope to do as well this year. Here's a picture from last year. 

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