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We presented a certificate to Chuck Wells at the membership meeting in January. He is now Vice-Chair Emeritus, qualified to tell us 'back in my day' and give us a historical perspective on our party. 


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           1st Quarter SCC Meeting
    The first quarter meeting for the State Central Committee was held in Seaside from March 16-17. One of us went there in person (thanks to Nancy Sheehan) while the other two delegates attended via Zoom. Those attending virtually were not able to be part of the debate over the various measures, but were able to vote. There were a few minor technical problems at first with the microphones, but they were dealt with. The business meeting went well, and those of us who live far from the Portland and the Willamette Valley look forward to future improvements and appreciate the hard work the state put in to let us attend from our various couches. 
    As ever, the meeting went well (with the usual warning that we are Democrats and have lots of opinions). We were told that there will be a recording later on. Several resolutions were passed, while one was returned to the Rules Committee. 


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